Select your clients

After requesting a quote on the Insurance page, you’ll see a list of your invoices and a price to insure each of them. 

Next, select one or several invoices you want to insure by clicking again on the "Insure for £x.xx" button on the right hand side.

All prices are subject to Insurance Premium Tax.

After choosing the invoices you want to insure, click on the "Apply for cover" button and you’ll be redirected to the confirmation page.

You may not be able to cover all your clients. If that’s the case you’ll get an on-screen message.

There are 4 main reasons why we may not be able to insure your client: 

  • They have a weak credit score
  • We don't cover the client's country
  • They currently have invoices overdue by more than 60 day
  • The invoice is due in 7 days or less (this won't prevent you to insure other invoices for the same customer)

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