After choosing each client and the insured amount to cover, click on the "Apply for cover" button and you’ll be redirected to the confirmation page.

On this page, please check that all information is correct and verify your insurance order to cover your invoices for the current month.

You’ll also need to verify that you’ve read the Terms of Use and the policy document by checking the box shown.

Last step: Click on the button to access the payment page.

Simply enter your full name, the long credit or debit card number, it’s expiration date, and CVC code. Then validate.

Your payment is processed in seconds. We use Stripe as our payment provider, so it’s secure. We don't store payment information at TradeLock.

Well done! 

You have now insured your invoices. You’ll receive your policy documents by email. Once your cover is complete you can choose to create the bills for the insurance premium and admin fee automatically in your Xero account.   

You can quote and insure more invoices whenever you want, subject to cover availability.

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