We sync your data at several times during the customer journey to insure a seamless insurance experience:

  • First-time sync: we sync your data when you create an account after  you finish the authentication flow.  
  • On-login: we sync your data each time you login to Tradelock to make sure we display up-to-date and accurate information.
  • Manual:  You can always trigger a re-sync by clicking on the sync symbol in the upper right corner. 
  • Weekly sync:  While we have an active connection we sync your data once a week. This helps to reduce syncing times if you haven't connected to Tradelock in a while. 
  • Bill creation: We create a bill each time you purchase insurance, after you have selected the right accounts and clicked on create bill. If you don't want us to create a bill simply not select an option and leave the payment confirmation page. 

We do not modify or update any of your data in Xero, other than described above.

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